Portal For Educators / Staff / Parents / Students

Aepei Portal provides personalize accounts for Educators / Satff / Parents / Students by which the information processed and stored in the Aepei Cloud ERP can be access. The information stored in Aepei is designed in such a way that individuals can view there peace of information only.

The information shared in personalize accounts is in read only mode only i.e the information can be viewed only it can't be edited or modify by any means

The stored information like Students details (official and personal information), students results, fee details, attendance, etc and Staff details (official and personal information) etc which eliminates the need of recurring data entry of records on the Aepei Portal, i.e. there is no additional data entry cost involved. This in return brings efficiency of time and resources in Institution.

Features of Parents / Students Accounts:

This section provides the Parents / Students with unique accounts which is secured and password protected by which they can view

  • Profile
  • Fees Account (including online fee payment facility as well as online Fee Receipt print facility)
  • Attendance Record: Daily/ Monthly wise
  • Results: Term / Marksheey wise
  • Performance analysis
  • Home Work / Assignments / Tutorials / Important Link / Date Sheet / Academic Calender / Syllabus / Time Table etc
  • Personalized Reminders from Educators
  • Award & Achievements / Infirmary / Projects etc
  • Circulars / News
  • Library Account

Features of Staff Login:

  • Staff Profile
  • Individual Library Account
  • Provision to update assignment and tutorials from web account

Benefits for Parents:

  • Parents can know the details of their child any time any day.
  • Parents can stay connected with institution and can access web account from anywhere
  • Parents can access there wards grades / performance, attendance, homework, assignments, schedules, circulars, fee details, examination, discipline records, attendance, timetable, etc
  • Parents are better prepared to help with homework as they can see what is scheduled and when it is due.
  • Can communicate with teachers / instution directlty

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