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Offer your clients the industry’s leading Cloud ERP solution

By partnering with Aepei, you’ll be working with a world-class product that provides your clients with the customized cloud experiences they want now, and in the future. Aepei is made for partners, allowing you to smoothly handoff your work to clients with minimal training and support debt.

Scale your business with a partnership that works

Whether you’re freelancing or running your own company, Aepei offers a mutual partnership designed to propel your business to new heights, and guide you on your journey to becoming a Aepei Consulting Expert.

Earn more revenue

Invest back into your business with the money you’ll receive from referring clients to Aepei. Expand your product line and increase revenue while helping your educational institute clients.

Create your best work by build a world-class reputation with clients through product

We delivers products that help Educational Institutess worldwide achieve the operational and functional efficiencies, monitoring and optimizing the management processes & operations and enhancing co-ordination across the various departments in the Institution.

Aepei partnership programme give you a unique opportunity to capitalize on the enormous business opportunities available within this expanding space. To reach more clients with our products

For a freelancer or company, the Aepei Partner Program is a different kind of experience. It not only helps you learn, but helps you make valuable connections with people around the world.

What Partnership can do for you & your clients

  • Help institution to save money and improve their communication systems by offering our easy-to-use cloud applications
  • Extend your productline and provide your customers the benefits of proven, integrated applications and solutions
  • Increase your revenue at affordable price for your customers
  • Increase your profit margins by Aepei cloud software and services
  • Join our Partnership Programme
  • Find the perfect plan for you — 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Aepei Partner

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Why Aepei ERP

  • Having highly technical experts with intensive experience and awesome domain knowledge of their respective areas.
  • Awesome debugging skills which helps in prompt fixes of any issue or changes requested by client
  • Perfect span of management to deal with respected clients
  • Very healthy, co-operative relationship with clients
  • 24x7 ready to render any technical help to client
  • Our objective is to provide possible help to client to achieve its objective