Aepei Mobile App

Aepei App is state of art application which provide day to day activity performance and growth of their Ward in all phases like Academic, Social, Co-curricular & Alerts of institution in one place on Smart Phones/ Tablet that runs on ANDRIOD Technology i.e. Aepei – Mobile Application. This interface provides an option for the Parents/ Students / Staff who use Android bases Smart Phones/ Tablet PC to access all such information which they access via their respective Web Logins on Aepei Portal.

Parents / Student / Satff can download Aepei App on there mobile phones by which now thet can access personalised information with ease.

Features of Parents / Students App:

Aepei App
  • Message
  • Profile
  • Fees Account
  • Attendance
  • Results
  • Library Account
  • Home Work, Assignments
  • Tutorials
  • Question Bank
  • Time Table
  • Date Sheet/ Exam Schedules
  • Academic Calendar
  • Personalized Notification
  • Events
  • News / Circular

Aepei App is available at very affordable price. With the rise of mobile technology and the increasing number of people using smart phones, Now its necessity fo every institution to have a common Platform for educators / parent / staff / student.

Aepei App provide common Platform for instutions and its stake holders. Institutions can make use of this Mobile Technology to facilitate school and parent communication.

Aepei educators / parent / student app for schools helps to deliver school information in real time on their mobile devices.

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