Aepei ERP, Cloud based erp software is School, College & University management software, designed and developed in The Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture that separates an application into three main logical components: the model, the view, and the controller. Each of these components is built to handle specific development aspects of an application denoted as Aepei - Advanced ERP Platform For Educational Institutes. The solution is easy to use web based i.e. cloud software created specifically for the Educators.

Aepei Platform provides operation excellence with easy to use interface that tailors all the aspect of institutions.

Educators / Management /Staff / Parents / Students are so connected to each other as if they are part of system. Which ultimately helps all its stakeholders in continues improvement of the system and which allows Educators to focus on its real work i.e. education.

Aepei Components :

Advanced ERP Platform for Educational Institutes

Aepei Cloud ERP, an integrated cloud based solution for Educational Institutions like School, College & University with interface like Digital Payment, SMS, Barcode, Access Control / RFID, Smart Card, Android Application & Dynamic Web Portal (CMS based System)

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Dynamic Web Portal for Institution-CMS

Aepei Portal is web-based Content Management System that allows institution like School, College & University to fully maintain web sites with absolute ease. With Aepei Portal you can easily create/ update / manage day to day functionality with ease.

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Portal for Educators, Staff, Parents & Students

An interface for Parents/ Students / Staff through a secured login to get precis information of their Ward as well as academic information like profile, Fees account, Library, Result, Assignment, Circulars, News, Time Table, Date sheet, Home Work, Academic Calendar etc.

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Digital Fee Payment

Online Fee Payment provides option to Parents to pay the Fees Online via various payment instruments like Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Net Banking.

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SMS Interface

SMS interface is broadcasting tool to provide Institution related information like circulars, attendance, fee defaulters etc. to the students/ parents/ visitors /staff on their mobile.

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Smart Card Interface

Applications with Smart Card interface is add-on feature which provide security that smart cards provide; can be used for various purpose like Identity Card, Library Card etc.

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Aepei Mobile Application

Aepei App is a state of art application which provides day to day activity, performance and growth of their wards in all phases like Academic, Social, Co-curricular & Alerts of institution in one place.

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Access Control System (Biometric / RFID)

Access Control System provides security-based access of unauthorized person(s) or employee(s)/student(s) to a specific section of the institution.

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GPS Tracking

GPS Interface solution helps institution / parents to track vehicles on real time with the help of web-based account and provide real time Alerts to institution such as over speeding, acceleration/ deceleration, unauthorized stoppages etc.

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Aepei Features


Multi School / College

Multi Session

Role Based Access

User Wise Dashboard

Analytical Widget

100's Of Reports in XLS, PDF, Word

1 Active Users
1 Happy Clients
1 Projects Done
1 Hours Spent

Aepei Core Modules

The core functional modules of the software revolves around academics, social, analytic as well as reporting with the help of core modules and technology interfaces. Aepei covers all aspect of academic as well as administrative work.

The conceptualization of Aepei - Advaned ERP Platform for Educational Institute is to achieve excellence in work as well to get accurate and timely information in accordance with industry as well as board / university standards.

Aepei cloud-based ERP provides number of options through which, an Institution can capture as well as share information in very precise and accurate manner. It also helps institution to optimize their operational process so that institution can focus on education.

  • Registration
  • Admission
  • Fee Management
  • Library Management
  • Result Management
  • Board Analysis
  • Student I-Cards
  • Student Attendance
  • Activity Management
  • Student Certificate
  • Human Resource
  • Internal Messaging
  • Front Office
  • Lecture Planing
  • Task Manager
  • Custom MIS
  • Analytical Widget

Aepei Web Portal

AepeiPortal is content management system; specially designed & developed for institution, which provides mechanism for all type of institutions to create, maintain, manage & improve reach to educators / parent / student via framework provided by AepeiPortal

  • Custom Design
  • Data & Image Editing
  • Permission Control
  • Responsive Design
  • SMS Interface
  • Digital Payment
  • Rich Text Editor
  • Proven & flexible Feature

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Aepei Mobile App For Educators / Staff / Parents / Students

Aepei App is a state of art application which provides day to day activity, performance and growth of their ward in all phases like Academic, Social, Co-curricular & Alerts of institution in one place.

Aepei App allow Instant Communication between staff's / parent's / student's and the institution. Immediate automatic pop-up messages and alerts related to different events and activities in the institution will be sent to the staff's / parent's / student's.

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